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PAYG go respone weirdness

I rarely use my mobile phone.   So much so they have no record of top-ups through 2016.   I just put a £10 top up on it, and promptly got a message from Virgin saying it gave me 3000 texts (not sent that many in my life) and date download allowance.   And what's more it expires in a month.   Tried chat...went to the wrong department who told me there was no chat for mobile.   Tried phone, got stuck on hold after talking to a bloke who talked so much I cannot describe without probably breaking the forum rules.   Cannot find a sensible email address to query.   Can anybody help please?   I am not expecting that top up to  last forever....but on  current usage 2019 could be a safe bet ;-)

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Re: PAYG go respone weirdness

Hi Greenleaf,


I'm not quite sure what you are asking.

Presumably you are on Virgin's "Big Data & Texts" tariff.

If this is the case, then a top up of £10 will give you "rewards" of 1GB 3G data + 3,000 texts for next month. (After a month, any unused rewards allowance will expire).

You still have your £10 top up which will remain until used. (You must make at least one chargeable event in a 6 month period to keep your SIM activated though).


AlexKid :-)

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