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Online checkout checked out

Thought I'd add my name to the list of those with "Oops something went wrong" messages.

Had a go at changing one of my payg sims to monthly online. New tariff added to basket, click on checkout, select the existing number to upgrade, click continue, oops.

Tried different browsers on different devices, logging in before starting or when prompted, even stood on the bed so I could try it over mobile data.

At least it's consistent Smiley LOL 

And as for phoning in I'll mull over whether I'd prefer to try that or shave my eyeballs...really hate talking on the phone.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Online checkout checked out

Hey Magic_M, 


I have check to see if there is an ongoing issue with online services and unfortunately there is at this moment in time, however the good news is that the team are working towards getting this resolved as soon as possible. 


The other option whilst this is being sorted out is give the guys from the upgrades team a call, 789 from your mobile selecting the options for upgrades, I know the feeling of not wanting to talk on the phone I am a very much do it online type of person myself, but the upgrade guys are fantastic and will get that sorted out for you very quickly. 


Take care, 



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