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Oh virginmedia you make it hard

To get out of a contract by the time its due to end.


I ohoned uo today to cancel my countract as my last refresher date is 22nd feb. 


I'm now literally being hassled by vM through thier 800 number to early upgrade.


Phone retentions who told me that my contract ends on 22nd may! Really? Got them to dig derper on this one as I wouldn't inundated with calks to upgrade as yet!


That have looked into it further and the lady agrees that my contract ends on March 22nd. However, I can't call to cancel, with 30days notice, until 22 feb. Which means that given theres only 29 days in feb and i'll get allowances in for March! So, i'll be charged for that no doubt!


Is the lady at rentions right? Am I not able to cancel with days before 22nd of feb? 

I was going phone on 20th to try and time it so that my cancelation happens by 22nd March. However, i'm serously gettong a lot of calls from the upgrade team. I don't exaggurate when I say its now getting the point receiving these calls daily.


Is it too much ask to cancel when I have to give 30 days notice? 

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Re: Oh virginmedia you make it hard

Hi Justinuk73,

Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


With regards to cancellations, you would need to give 30 days notice to us.


So if you wanted to cancel without incurring a charge at the end of the contract, you would need to do this on the 22nd of February.


Please let me know if you need any more info.



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Re: Oh virginmedia you make it hard


I really don't understand this.  Are you saying that one has to give 30 days notice to end a contract exactly 30 days before the contract is due to end and that VM won't accept more than 30 days notice?

If so, what is the legal basis for refusing notice of cancellation given more than 30 days before contract end to take effect at contract end?

(Rhetorical question: why do all the mobile operators make it so difficult to terminate a contract?  I well remember a 30 minute conversation with one of VM's competitors with the agent going round and round insisting on discussing my reasons for terminating instead of making it easy and doing what I asked.)

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Re: Oh virginmedia you make it hard

Seems to be a VM/calendar problem....

If you are required by your contract to give 30 days notice of cancellation and your contract ends on the 22nd of March you should give notice of cancellation on 21st February to avoid part charges, this being a leap year...

30 days hath September and all that...

Good luck on getting Virgin Mobile to confirm that. But its the legal position if that's any help.

BTW its fairly difficult to enforce a contract if advance notice of cancellation has been given. By which I mean you should be able to give notice of your intention to quit the contract on 22nd of March now, with no issue. But its really not worth fighting over if they are going to be that awkward. Just cancel on the 21st.




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