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No confirmation email for new phone contract

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Good morning,

I have been trying since Monday to take out a new phone contract with yourselves for an IPhone 7 Rose Gold 32GB on the basic contract at £36 a month. I spoke to a member of your team yesterday and gave all the required information including my direct debit details, and was told I would receive a confirmation email of my order along with a credit check. She told me I would need to follow the instructions on the email within 48 hours or my order would be cancelled, but if I do not receive the email how am I supposed to provide you with what you need? All I have received via email from you since yesterday is confirmation of an extra SIM card which the woman I spoke to said she was sending free of charge, nothing about my new contract or phone at all. I therefore know that you definitely have the correct email address so I am just wondering what the delay is really.

My Order ID is ****************

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.



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Sophie Mott

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