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New SIM only tariffs

So, I am on the Starter tariff, i.e. £10 a month for 250 minutes, 1GB data and unlimited texts, but I see that if I get a new SIM I can get the same service except that it's 2500 minutes (i.e. 10x my current amount) and inclusive calls to 084 and 087 numbers all for the same £10 a month. However to get it it seems that I have to "buy" a new SIM and set up a new direct debit etc. This seems crazy when I am already with Virgin Mobile, or is it only for new customers? And yet when I went part way through the process of ordering one it said I could add it to my current plan. Not sure why I would need a second plan when I only have on phone but there you go. Is this really the only way of doing it or can I get this new tariff somehow with my current SIM card?

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Re: New SIM only tariffs

Hi alexmidd

Give a ring on your mobile to 789 and take the "thinking of leaving us" option during office hours (10 till 6pm on Saturdays), this should get you through to UK staff, if it doesn't put the phone down and ring again. UK staff should sort you quickly with the new tariff - no sim change or any other messing around - your new tariff will start on your next refresh date.

Offshore CS don't seem to have the knowledge or capabilities to do the above, they always want to send a new sim/start a new contract with a new number.

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Re: New SIM only tariffs

Hi alexmidd,


Welcome to the forumSmiley Happy and thanks for posting.


I can see teabag has given you some advice already which is very much appreciated.


Did you manage to call our mobile team? As teabag mentioned we can simply change your tariff for you.


Let us know if you need anything.


Many thanks





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