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New Phone - need help

Hi, I decided to change my phone and went for a Samsung Galaxy 6 from Virgin.

Yesterday, I popped in the new SIM (keeping my same number) and text that it's ready.

Today I find that neither new nor old phone work.

New phone says it's not registered on the network; the old phone says no service.

The old phone is still receiving e-mails but little else.

Anyone know what i need to do?


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Re: New Phone - need help

Hi Bertie150,

so you've sent the "READY" text from your old phone/SIM and that's now been deactivated but your new SIM isn't yet active.

I can imagine how annoying this must be for you but unfortunately there is quite often a delay before your new SIM comes on line.

I can only suggest that you keep rebooting your new phone (turning it off and on again) periodically to make it search for the network.

Hopefully it might be working by the time you read this Smiley Happy

AlexKid :-)

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