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New Customer to Virgin Mobile but not to tv service


I was looking some advice, i keep getting out through to offshore agents, i pre ordered Samsung S8 on 12/4/17 due for delivery on 20/4/17, i received the email to sign the pre contract credit agreement i rang on the 19/4/17 to get confirmation as i hadnt had any emails. I spoke with an agent and was told that the contract had not been signed and now that it was more than 24hours the order had been cancelled. I was told i need to replace the order, the guy done this over the phone this time. However once the contract agreement came through for this one, once i signed i gave around an hour and rang to ensure that this one was received ok. I was then told that the order placed on the 12/4/17 has now came through as signed and that it will be dispatched, so basically i have two new device being sent to my home address and 2 contract agreements, apparently they cant cancel the duplicate order even though it still says pending release. I have to wait until i receive ring up ask for a pre paid jiffy bag and sent back to have it cancelled.

Im at my wits end, can someone advise how i speak with a UK advisor?




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