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Mystery of the disappearing data

Hi hope someone here can offer me some help, my mobile phone has a small data plan,only 2500 mg but my phone is connecting onto the Internet night and day every hour or so using small amounts of data. It mounts up and sometimes the entire data plan is used up and I am charged for extra data at the end of the month. I seldom use the phone for the Internet and have very few extra apps installed.


My wife has the same data plan no extra apps and never uses the phone to go on the internet at all and she is affected the same way. We can see the connections showing up on our monthly bills but it does not identify what is sending the data what the data is or where it is going. How can we block this from happening.


regards, Ron


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Re: Mystery of the disappearing data

Hi ronfrew

you can turn mobile data off in the phones settings and this will stop any usage until you turn it back on.
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Re: Mystery of the disappearing data

I apologise because this doesn't add much to solve the problem (switching mobile data off is obviously the only real way, or a Sony-style stamina mode), but I happened to spot this post and it sort of vindicates my frustration with Virgin starting all their tariffs at 250 MB of data - what's the point?


I'm convinced smartphones use more background data nowadays (I don't think stuff like Google Now helps), so 250 MB can't last very long for a smartphone user if you use any of the actual 'smart' features with any regularity.


My soon to end contract is 500 MB and since I replaced the contracted handset with a better one, a Moto G, I've been going over on the data every month, resorting to using a 3 mobile PAYG sim to save paying £1 per day extra.  It's probably true that I use it a little more (commuting pattern change introduced more time for idle thumbs), but I restrict it purely to browsing/social media/email reading when I'm not on wifi and it still seriously guzzles it.  


It really pushes the price of a contract up when they offer such low tariffs as a starting point - by the time I've added a more sensible 1 GB of data, the prices can seem a bit expensive compared to some networks - all the more so for one that's the only big name network not to offer 4G for consumer user.


Sorry for the whinge though.  Hope you stop the data disappearing!Smiley Happy

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