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My bill for this month

Managing my virgin bill.
Account No:-*********
It has jumped from an average £77 to £125 this month. I did get a call to stay I could go on all calls included as a package of £77 plus £5 extra for any calls day or night with the same package I had before. Going up an extra £50 or £60 isn't what i signed up to. All including my mobile sim only. Can you tell me what is going on please. An early acknowledgement would be nice.
Yours faithfully,
Miss Janet Bailey

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Re: My bill for this month

I would strongly advise you to edit your post to remove your name, phone number, email address and account number.  You really don't want to put that information in a public forum.

The quickest way of resolving your issue is to ring them on 789 from your Virgin Mobile phone.

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