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Mobile returns policy not very friendly...

I'm not happy with your policy and service regarding the 14 day returns guarantee. I recently updated to a contract phone from SIM only but have been unhappy with the quality of the handset so rang to arrange a return.
Firstly I was misdirected to a very nice Welsh guy in tech support , and then back again to Brian in retention, who was lovely but seemed not to quite know his stuff.
I was told as I wanted a different handset (similar value plan) which included a tablet, I could not have the replacement sent out to me straight away- not until Virgin receive my current handset. Bad enough that it is assumed I want to steal equipment from you (only explanation I can think of!!?), but I will probably now miss out on the offer I have chosen.I said that I would cancel then - and start a whole new order, but was informed by Brian that I would then not be able to keep my curreny phone number (which I've had for many, many years...) so I continued with the returns process with an estimate of Boxing Day (!!!) to be able to order a replacement. I'm sure the offer would be out of stock by then.
I couldn't quite believe it about keeping my number so called back again, and another adviser said of course I can transfer my number with a generated code.
I now don't know what to do or if I will have a new phone with a working camera in time for xmas, and will I miss out on the offer (Galaxy S6 and Telly Tablet £34/month deal).
I already missed an offer when I ordered my XZ as although it was advertised on the web with free headphones, when I ordered it was out of stock.
Also I was not advised what to do with the SIM- do I out it in another phone for now to use? Nothing was explained well. It seemed as though Incas the first person ever to be doing this and was constantly put on hold and I got the feeling the poor advisors were under great pressure to hurry up and get me off the phone.
I do not fee like a valued customer.
It's Xmas, couldn't there be a little sense and festive spirit applied? Ian going to be left with no decent phone/camera to capture the family at Christmas.
Thanks for reading.
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Re: Mobile returns policy not very friendly...

Hey evemarine, 


I am so sorry about all the issues you have faced so far trying to change your handset, I can say the reason why they have asked for the equipment back before they send out more isn’t because we think you are going to steal the equipment, it will just be because its changing into a different offer i.e. handset swap for a completely different handset and a tablet. The systems that we use will only process the same handset to be sent or one of similar value on a 48 exchange. If you ask for a different phone that is a higher value or had additional things like a tablet, they have to cancel that phone off and then re do the order. 


I am going to send you a private message shortly, just to gather some information about your account and I can check to see what has been done, to pick this message up please click on the envelope on the top right hand corner. 


Chat soon,