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Mobile phones and billing

Hopefully this will be a simple yes or no question.
I have just ordered another SIM card for myself, I already have 2 (wife and daughter) when I look at my account it is showing 2 accounts (wife and daughters numbers) and my new sim number.
Is it at all possible to have all 3 numbers on same account, so making it 1 bill? As it looks like this is going to create 2 bills.
( combine these with my virgin media account and you will be taking money from my account 3 different times in a month)
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Forum Team
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Re: Mobile phones and billing

Hi johnnysparks,

I believe this can only be done through your online account or by the sales team at the point of sale.

We are unable to merge financial accounts once they have been created.

Apologies this may not be the answer you are looking for but you can amend your bill cycle to take the direct debit at the same time as the existing numbers.


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