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Mobile credit on PAYG


I've just got a "big bundle" sim only for my teenager.  Works great, 1gb data, enough texts.  I only top up when he goes away and needs mobile data.

I've topped up a couple of times now and there is a balance of £30.    If I keep topping up I will build daft amounts of credit, and I might as well get a £5/month contract sim. Can I buy extra data or something, or does that money just sit there never to be used?  

I had similar on 02 and that lets me buy extra "boosts" with my credit, so when I had a balance I bought a boost rather than top up again.

I did ask on the chat service but they couldn't help, told me to phone.  Can't be doing with the phone line.

Thank you!


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Re: Mobile credit on PAYG

You use the balance to pay for any chargeable usage not covered by the rewards. On the Big Data and Texts tariff that includes - all calls, all picture messages, data above the reward amount, texts and data in a month without any rewards (not topped up the month before).

Data use outside of the reward is £1 per 100MB per day, for example.

I used to top up on average 2 out of 3 months - two months with rewards then one without. Since I don't use my personal phone away from wifi most of the week I turned mobile data off except for the weekends.