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Mobile Upgrade Available

I have 3 contracts with Virgin, 2 are rolling sim only contracts on the VIP tariff and the other is a 2 year contract with Moto G phone on the VIP tariff that runs out in March 2016. When the contract runs out, I'd like to continue on the VIP tariff, but there isn't really a phone that I'm keen on from Virgin, so would my contract automatically come down in price and continue as a rolling sim only contract on the VIP tariff?

The phone I'd like is the Moto X Play or Moto X Force, as my Moto G has probably been one of the best phones I've had in many years, and I've had Samsungs and iPhones.

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Re: Mobile Upgrade Available

Hi cosso1,

good question and one that more people should ask instead of just assuming that their payments will lessen.

As part of the agreement you take, your monthly payment will continue until you request to change :

3.4 At the end of the Minimum Term - "You will need to contact the Team at least one month before the expiry of your Minimum Term or any subsequent monthly renewal date for your Contract Allowance if you do not want us to continue provisioning you with your Contract Allowance each month. If you do contact us we will not provision you with your Contract Allowance but will continue to provide you with the Services at the rates set out for Pay Monthly customers in our Tariff Table until this Agreement is cancelled by either you or us in accordance with Clause 10."

It's your responsibility to notify Virgin if you want to change your plan 30 days before the end of your contract period.

Given this, I would advise you to call the Virgin team 30 days beforehand and see what the best tariff option available to you is.

To speak with the Retentions team directly call 0345 183 1150 open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sunday Closed.

AlexKid :-)

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