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Mobile Phone upgrade

Ref My Mobile phone upgrade which should have been a routine and painless process

22nd Nov 2016 :- was advised i could not upgrade due to systems been down 

23rd Nov 2016 :- was advised i could not upgrade due to systems been down and to ring back the following day 

24th Nov 2016 was told my upgrade was with the under writers advised to ring back on the Friday 

25th Nov 2016 was advised could not complete my upgrade due to 4G problems ( my other two phones at this time had any 4G Problems with 4G )

26th Nov 2016 Advised yet again to call back due to no upgrade team available !!!

28th Nov 2016 yippeee upgrade completed 

29th Nov expected my phone to be delivered to my works address guess what no phone . contacted Yodel who advised phone had been delivered a signed for by a G T asked Yodel for a proof of delivery they told me to ask Virgin mobile for this Virgin advised speak to yodel .

over the next few days and several calls to Virgin Mobile still No resolve to this was then advised this can take 21 days to resolve 

called back on the 8th DEC fo an update promised a call back guess what no call back . have advised both yodel that our premises has both internal and external CCTV and invited to come and take a look . Yodel tracking ref 100000142869092 

12th Dec asked Yodel and virgin mobile for proof of delivery still unable to supply ? was then promised a call back within 24 hours still nothing from virgin mobile 

13th DEC  ask for an up date and still had to go through the whole episode again with virgin mobile complaint ref COM101150283 advised this was goin up to manager to look into 

14th Dec 2016 once again had to through the whole issue with virgin media staff ask to speak to a senior manager no one available . Asked again for a pod and again unable to supply ? and that this case will be passed on to a manager to look into !! and wait 24 to 48 hours for a replay 


1 why can i not get a proof of delivery for this order 

2 why cant virgin ring back when they say they will ? on at least 8 different time now 

3 why do i have to contact your 3rd party people when my contract is with Virgin Mobile And no Yodel 

Regards Graham 








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Re: Mobile Pgone upgrade

Hey Graham1963


Thanks for taking the time to join the community, I'm really sorry to hear about the issue with the delivery of your new handset. I'd like to take a closer look at this and see if I can shed some light on the situation. I've sent you a private message which you can view by clicking on the envelope in the top right.


Many regards.


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