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Mobile Account

I have had some help, but am still left with some of the problem, Virgin have billed me for 6 Pic messages to the USA (MMLs I think) in Dec. 2015 which I am positive we did not send. Virgin have given me the money back, but inferred we must have sent them.  As we do not know anyone in the USA, and cannot find a trace of this No. 0010020250100 on my phone. I want to solve the problem because, if it is our fault I can ensure it does not happen again, if it's not our fault, I will need Virgin to sort if for us. The people I have spoken to so far at Virgin, just say we must have sent the messages, but have no idea on how to help me find out what was sent. One I know what was sent I will have some idea what to do about it

Help please

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Re: Mobile Account

Hi WillBill1,


Thanks for taking the time to post your concerns.


I'm very sorry hear you've been charged for 6 picture messages incorrectly. It's pleasing to know we've given you the money back for these but I appreciate your determination to find what caused this so you can try and prevent it from happening again.


I've done a quick search on the forum and I've come across similar posts herehere and here. If I'm honest, I'm not currently aware of any known issues. It seems like it was just a one off for most people so please keep an eye on your bills.


Hope this information helps. Please feel free to keep me updated on this.



Forum Team
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