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Merging Accounts

I have 2 Virgin Mobile accounts(different e-mail addresses) and my dad has another seperate one. On my two accounts I have a phone + sim contract and my dad has a sim only.

I dont know why I created another account for the 2nd phone tbh but can I merge them into the one account? (preferably all 3)

Virgin didnt allow my dad to swap his number from one Virgin account to another before, so we pay for 3 sims even though we only use 2 because 1 sim is tied to a phone they didnt let me cancel and he wanted to keep his number but Virgin said they didnt allow swapping number from 1 Virgin account to another it has to be from a different network.

Just wondering if all thats still the same? as the two phones are due to be upgraded soon. And Id rather not waste £6 a month on a sim that is never used again as thats about £120 wasted on a sim card that was never even in a phone.

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Re: Merging Accounts

Hi barry21,


it is not possible to merge mobile accounts.

It is also not possible to move a mobile number within the network.

However the solution to this is not too difficult provided that the number you wish to move is not tied into a lengthy contract.

1. If it's a 30 day rolling SIM only plan. Call 789, give notice of cancellation and request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) for the number you wish to keep.

2. Port your number out to another network (cheapest(free)/easiest available SIM from any other network).

I recently used one of these EE SIM's from ebay, 99p free delivery and comes with £5 credit (as you may need credit on the SIM to register/activate it).

3. Once established on a new network. Request a PAC from your new provider then port your number back to Virgin on to your chosen SIM.


AlexKid :-)

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