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Lost access to my account + your new system

I haven't logged into my mobile account for a while but today I needed to top my account. I have registered here specifically for this complaint.

I found everything changed - included it seems my password.

Firstly for whatever crazy reason you now forbid the copy-pasting of passwords.

This is a ludicrous idea - no other websites have this 'security' feature - online banking, facebook, google, microsoft - none of them forbid password pasting.
I use PassPack to store my randomly generated passwords and I can no longer copy & paste my password in. I'm forced to manually type it in for no good reason. So I now will reset my password to some simple word in order to remember it so completely negating any security benefit of maybe my pc having a clipboard monitor installed. Really - think again on this one!!

OK so I type in my correct password - but no this does not work so I have to reset it. I know for sure it hasn't been changed except by your system upgrade.

So I reset it but the password I need to supply - between 8 & 10 chars but with numbers and it seems excluding many common words (I get 'word not allowed' for many things). This is so crazy specific given that we can't paste in our own random passwords. 

I'm just a bit baffled by all these non-standard systems you'd implemented here and really felt the need to ask... why?


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Re: Lost access to my account + your new system

Hi Bottesford,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy


Thanks for posting your query with us.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


We are always looking at ways to improve our services and products. Some of the changes made to our site involved making it even more secure for our customers.


Hope this information helps.


Many thanks


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