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Items on latest bill not understood

I have just received my latest mobile phone bill which is in excess of my usual monthly payment. I was expecting this as I texted Sports Relief to contribute £5.00 to their appeal. What I wasn't expecting was an extra 10p as a premium text! The appeal said that my contribution would cost £5 plus one standard rate text message. I expected the text to be included in my monthly allowance(unlimited)! Further to this were 5 other unexpected items entitled "picture message" sent to 4 of my friends and the fifth to a USA/Canada number all at the same time on the 9th March. I have checked with customer services who explained that there could be several reasons why this happened, one of which was that if I sent a lengthy text message over a certain length it would convert to a MMS and therefore would appear as a picture message on my bill and therefore incur the extra charge (40p each). I knew about this but thought that the MMS would then be part of my data allowance!. To be fair to customer services they have refunded the £2.00. However, having checked the logs on my phone I do see that I sent text messages to 4 of my friends at the date and time specified but that there is no record of the same message going to USA/Canada. I have also checked with my friends and there is no record on their phones of them receiving a text message at all on the day in question. I am now at a loss to explain this. Has anyone else experienced this and can anyone shed any light on this? Thank you. Tony Ray

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Re: Items on latest bill not understood

Hi Tony,


Thanks for taking the time to post. Sorry about the confusion surrounding the MMS charges.


I find it strange how you can find the log fine but they can't. Unless they've wiped the logs clean. Do you remember what the text message was about?


Regarding the extra charge for Sport Relief, I believe this is due to it not being a regular UK number (Usually 07xxx). I'm happy to be corrected but I think this applies to all charities or competition.


MMS isn't included in data allowance as it uses the cellular network. A full explanation can be found here. There's also a good explanation from Gorf regarding picture messages to USA/Canada.


Look forward to your response.



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