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Tuning in
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Is there any chance about the bearded one remain on the moon?

Howler after howler.

When I started around 3 months ago,virgin sent me 4 times the wrong sim.

I smiled.

To catch internet connection you have to climb mount Everest or being in the middle of Sahara desert.

I smiled.

Staff at cs are polite,stressed but powerless

I smiled.

I did not asked thal my allowance to be stretched to £50 actually I expressly requested to stay in my original monthly contract of £12.00 and in the occurrence of being close to that limit,to be advised by text.

When this did not happen,I called cs and after being connected to 5 different agents,I repeated over and over again that I did not wanted the pitiful 1 megabytes. For the internet, to cancel and to keep only the phone connection.

After 15 minutes I was driving on m2 when my new car(grrrrr) broke down.

I called rca only to be informed that my mobile has being cancelled.

I did not smile.

8 flipping hours I was parked alongside the road until a good samaritan(shame to the others) driver noticed that I was in my 11 years old son company and stopped to give me the use of his phone to call for the rca.

Now I really got the hump and I will like to call on the good hearth of the spaceship mechanics in charge of the next bearded one trip to the moon to concut something in order of the former to don't return on earth.

Give him enough supply of christall champagne and he will be happy anyway and maybe just maybe Virgin media could be a decent company.