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Impossible to log in my mobile account

I have had my phone for a while now, but only managed to log into my mobile account once.

Now my login details are not recognized anymore (and somehow the person that setted up my account in the shop put down as username the email as instead of .com, so I never received any emails about my mobile), but...

  1. if I click on "I forgot my password" it will send an email to an inexistent email address
  2. if I click on "I forgot my username and password" it doesn't recognize my surname (my surname has a space in it, the form doesn't accept space as a character...)
  3. If I try to register again from scratches (after asking customer service to reset my account), after inserting my mobile phone number it asks my secret answer (why? I am not supposed to have one!), meaning the number is already registered, but it's not showing me what the secret question is!!!!

I am in an infinite loop I have no idea how to get out of...

Any help?


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Re: Impossible to log in my mobile account

Call 789 pass security there and explain you issue ask them to reset the email address to your current one, expect it not to be so simple, but it's possible

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