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I want to remove a number from my online account

My online Virgin Mobile account has 4 numbers on it.  One of them is obsolete.  I want to remove it but Virgin Mobile support says it's impossible.

It cannot be impossible.

On the Account Hub page there is an 'Add Another Number' button.  If that is possible, then the opposite must also be possible.  (A number is written to a file, therefore a number can be removed from a file.)

I called support this evening.  I tried to talk to a Superior and was told it wasn't possible, then was left waiting for minutes until I hung up.

This is SO poor.  I want to write to complain but can't find an address to write to.

I would happily close my account for this reason.

It is very very personal and very upsetting to me!!!

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Re: I want to remove a number from my online account

Hi Idicastri,


strange... I've previously called 789 and requested that PAYG numbers be removed from my account and this was done without problem.

Perhaps there has been a change?

However, you could always request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) for the number in question then port it to a free SIM from any other network then just throw it away.


AlexKid :-)

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