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How to spoil Xmas in one text...

Today I ordered my kid a new phone for Christmas with the Black Friday deals. She was on a sim only so I followed the upgrade instructions online and voila, upgrade ordered. Credit agreement emails x3 sent and replied to, another email 3 hours later saying my order is on its way. Wonderful!

...and then you go and send her a bloody text telling her a new phone is on its way. Was that text really necessary? After all the communication online via email, you then send a text? Are you going to send another one confirming it's in transit? Been delivered? How about another in a few weeks asking why it's not been activated yet? (hint - she won't be getting it for another month because, you know... Christmas).

This was her main present and the surprise is ruined Smiley Sad I'm absolutely gutted.

Not expecting a response from Virgin tbh, just voicing my frustration and maybe other people won't suffer the same fate I did.


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Re: How to spoil Xmas in one text...

Virgin and most telecommunication companies do this as a matter of course. My son did get a text saying the phone was being delivered. Don't know if they do that now as a couple of years ago.

Virgin are in no way to blame here and have followed industry standards.
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Re: How to spoil Xmas in one text...

Hi Tilnoom, 


I am so sorry to hear about this! I am a mum myself and I too would be gutted if my children’s main presents had been sent to them in a text message. I can get these notifications turned off so that it doesn’t happen again.


Shortly I am going to send you a private message so that I can request some information about your account. 


Chat soon, 



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