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How to get bills on mobile accounts

I have 3 Virgin mobile accounts, but only one email address. Every month I get 3 emails telling me that I can view my latest bill online.  However I can only view one because Virgin have decreed I need a separate email for each phone and they can't be merged onto one.  So if I want to view the bill for either of the other two accounts I have to ring 150, get told at length that I can go online to view my bill (I CAN'T) go through numerous options before speaking to a human, who then politely tells me I can't merge my account (I KNOW) and then eventually emails me the bill to the same email address that I got the notification through telling me I can view it online...

IF you can send notifications for each phone number to the SAME email address, why can't you automatically each month send the bill for each phone number rather than have the rigmarole of having to ring every time?

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Re: How to get bills on mobile accounts

Hi Mysty23,

Thanks for getting in touch, I'm sorry that you have had to contact us every month in order to have your bills sent out. I can appreciate how frustrating this is.

I'd like to look into this for you, so I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the envelope icon at the top right of this page.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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