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Help to cancel incorrect account

Hi, I rang Virgin earlier this week to arrange an install of the V6 box, at the same time was sold a monthly contract for a SIM, after being told that one was available at a large discount with the package we have - £10 per month with 40gb of data, sounds good, right?

Well, after about 4 attempts for the rep. to get my email down I should have known it was going wrong - I didn't get a confirmation email so that's obviously not gone down correctly - then the sim arrived at £20 a month for 20gb of data.
Now I can't log into the account to cancel it because the email address is wrong. Even better, when I phone through to cancel it, I can't do that either because the password I was asked to provide doesn't match what the previous rep. wrote down.

So I have an account for twice the price, half the data, that I can't access because it's registered to the wrong email and I can't cancel because the password isn't actually mine.
 If I phone customer support they just get locked out because of the password mismatch.

So, short of just cancelling the charge on the credit card and letting VM deal with the fallout and no doubt send half a dozen threatening letters for their own f*****p, where do I go from here?

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