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Green mobile upgrade banner

I am due an upgrade very soon (within 2 weeks) and want to upgrade online but I still don't see the green upgrade banner on my account page. Am I looking in correct place if so why no banner yet.
Thanks in advance
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Re: Green mobile upgrade banner

Hi widowmaker189


Thanks for your post and sorry for the delayed reply.

I'm sorry to hear the banner hasn't arrived. I've spoken with a colleague is customer upgrade trained and he's advised this doesn't show until the upgrade date on a Freestyle contract.


From your duplicate post, if you do start a whole new contract, it's not possible to port Virgin to Virgin.

I do understand this is a delayed response and you may have already got the answer or can't port the numbers over now and I do apologise.


It is best to call 789 / 0345 600 0789 if you haven't who can take a further look into your account for you.



Daniel_G - Forum Team

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