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Freestyle account access


can you help me. I recently got a new mobile via a virgin media retail outlet. the contract was £15 for the airtime and £15 for the handset.


When I logged on to my account online it is only showing my tarriff info and says I should login to my freestyle account for details of handset payments.


When I follow the link it asks for my credit agreement number, security key , and some info on the direct debt.


The two problems are that when in the shop the assistant entered the wrong info for the direct debt, I have changed the D/D info on the tarriff section but need to check and change the info on the freestyle account.

Problem is the shop did not give me any info regards the freestyle account, the only paperwork I got was the sales summary.

I need this info asap to stop the credit agreement defaulting due to non payment.

789 has manage to give me the agreement number but the security key is a problem.


Can you help me please.


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Re: Freestyle account access

Hi dshipnet,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy


Sorry to hear your experiencing issues updating your freestyle contract details.


You have already posted your question here as well which I have answered for you. If you could stick to one thread so the conversation doesn't get a confusing that would be great.


Speak soon.


Take care



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