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Faulty Phone

I hope somebody on here can help me.

I have tried to resolve a problem with my phone since June without success.  I have an LG G4 which cant seem to get a 3G connection.  I first noticed it when Google maps and music stopped working in June, reporting network connection problems, and my wifes phone (same model) showed H on the mobile data icon while my phone only displayed E (edge icon), as I was in Glasgow that day I popped into the virgin mobile shop, they issued a new sim and said that might fix it, but to phone 789 if it didnt work in a few days.  It never worked so I phoned them and they booked it in for repair, and then promptly forgot to send out the box, so I phoned a week later and they apologised and sent out a box, and I sent the phone back to them. A week later I got the phone back with a note saying I had sent the wrong phone, turns out they had booked the imei number of my wifes phone.  Eventually managed to get the phone sent back and the repair centre phoned to get more details on the phone saying they couldnt find the problem saying it had passed all tests, and eventually they sent the phone back saying they had found the fault and fixed it, but it still has the same problem.  The phone has been sent in 4 times, the last time apparently flagged for a senior technician to look at it, and each time sent back with the same problem. When the phone has been in for repair I have used the sim in an old Galaxy S3 with full data service, and when my phone and my wifes are sitting together she has an H icon while mine displays E, and if I swap sims its the same, I also reset my phone to factory status and skipped signing into a google account and still cant get access to anything faster than an edge connection.  My only point of contact is the 789 number and every time I phone them they say all they can do is book it in for repair, but the repair centre tell me they cant find a fault and advise me to phone virgin, I tried going into the virgin shop and was told they only have access to the 789 number too.  I was told to ask for a manager, but when I tried this I eventually got through to someone in the UK who told me all he could do was book it in for repair, I was once directed to the insurance company, but was told I would have to pay £40 excess, but dont want to do this as I haven't damaged the phone, it is still in perfect condition, therefore I dont see why I should pay £40 to fix the problem.  I also asked if I could just cancel the contract and send the phone back, but virgin told me I would have to buy out the contract, so basically I am being forced to pay for a phone which isnt working properly and a contract I cant use fully and have been running round in circles for 3 months, can anyone direct me to someone who can help?

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Re: Faulty Phone

So it's not the sim

the workshop say the phone is ok, so it must be a setting ( unless there wrong of course)

have you checked the network choice? It should be set to  network mode 2g/3G auto or WCDMA auto, don't choose The 4G option despite your phone supporting 4G virgin don't currently.

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