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Faulty Notepad delivered with new Sony Xperia Mobile

I am new to Virgin and took out a contract for a Sony Xperia Mobile which was delivered together with an Alcatel Pixi 4 notepad. However, the notepad does not charge and does not connect to Wifi. My phone is working fine, no problem there. As the notepad is faulty Virgin insists it will only replace it if I return it together with my phone although the phone is working fine. It will leave me without a phone as my previous one is broken, hence the new one. 

The first time I reported the faulty notepad was 2 days after delivery on 23 November and since then I am still waiting to receive the envelope to return the notepad. Several 40 minute phone calls later, some staff tell me I can return just the notepad, someone else referred me to Alcatel direct who told me Virgin supplied the notepad, they need to deal with it. Another one insists I must return also my phone!!!!. I cannot understand the logic having to return a perfectly working phone only because another piece of equipment is faulty. 

Who thinks up these rules??? Why can Virgin not be flexible?? Has anyone else had this problem?



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Re: Faulty Notepad delivered with new Sony Xperia Mobile


Welcome to the community.

I am deeply sorry for the mixed information you have been given regarding your faulty tablet.

To clarify, both devices would need to be exchanged/returned, even if only one is faulty. This is because they are part of a bundle, and cannot be 'unpaired'.

So if an exchange is required due to a fault within 14 days, another identical product would be sent unless you have specified to change, subject to pricing and availability.

Hope this helps and please let me know how you are getting on.


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