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Early upgrade of mobile phone

I had been receiving calls from Virgin telling me that I was entitled to make an early upgrade on my mobile contract. Unwilling to deal with over the phone as I wanted to see what models there were  I decided to call in at the Norwich Virgin Store. The assistant (?) looked up my identity and on the system and said that I was not able to upgrade until July, which I knew already as my contract date. I said that I understood that there were better usage packages now available including 4G. Again I was told I couldn't do anything about this until July. I said that last time I renewed, approx. 2 years ago I had been able to pay off what was owed on my old phone in order to get a new one early. The answer this time was that " we do not accept cash, because of security reasons". I had not offered cash and said I would not do this anyway. His reply was that "some people do".Again he was immovable on the subject.

All I had wanted was a bit of customer service. I now understand that tariffs can be changed at almost any time. I also understand that outstanding debts can be paid off and that there may even be a refund for trading in an old phone that would cover a debt. To have existing tariffs explained would be nice and I would have liked the opportunity to know if my Sony Xperia 3 is capable of 4G.

I gave up as he was either clearly clueless, or had better things to do than talk to customers. The shop was not busy. As a result I am looking elsewhere for my renewal. I hate to do so as I am, and will remain a Virgin Media customer for many years. A bit of training is in order. There is a lot of competition out there!

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Re: Early upgrade of mobile phone

Hi marty7

Welcome to the community Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear about your recent experience in one of our stores. 

Our sales team are not tech experts, but they will always do their best to offer as much support at they can. If that didn't happen in this case though I am really sorry for this.

I'm glad you've now got the answers to most of your questions.

I can confirm that, if you're on one of our Freestyle tariffs (where you have a separate Direct Debit for your phone and tariff), you can upgrade to a 4G tariff at any time without an impact on your current term.

If you're on a standard tariff, you would need to wait until the end of your current term to change to a 4G plan, unless you paid the remainder of the term off (in which case you would also be able to upgrade the handset).

The tariffs you can change to within contract are based on the family of tariffs taken out when you set up that contract. To see which tariffs you can switch to, just head to your online account here and click 'Plan and Device'.

Which 'Sony Xperia 3' is it you have? There are a number of variants. The specifications on GSM Arena indicate the Z3 does have LTE (also referred to as 4G) capability for example.

Let me know how you get on.

Many thanks

Mark Y
Forum Team

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