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Disconnect fees

Has anyone else been charged after cancelling sim card within 14 day cooling off period. I ordered a sim card and was offered a better deal by my current starts the beginning of my nightmare. The first time I rang I made it clear what the issue was and got put through to retention after having to ring 3 times. I explained what the issue was and got told that I would need to apply for a refund. I don't get it as I never used the sim card and it's clear that it was never used.

I rang again on day 10 to cancel the sim card and was told it would be cancelled but I was charged even after I asked for a new bill to be issued. So here I am having to pay for a service I've never used. Totally frustrated that this has become a nightmare despite 5 phone calls to Virgin media about this. What are my rights legally on this matter. So stressed out by this whole debacle that I am looking to cancel my broadband and other phone contract with them as well. Anyone got any advice? I'm thinking of complaining to the CEO as a last resort :'(
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Re: Disconnect fees


I feel your pain.

I have also tried to cancel during the 14 day cooling off period, and have also phoned several times.  They will not allow me to cancel (even though I have quoted to them their own terms and conditions) and just keep hanging up on me when I push the point (nb: I have not been rude or offensive).

Sorry to hear that you have been charged. Im glad I have cancelled the direct debit - that they have managed to set up despite never sending me confirmation of the agreement.

My advice to you would be to contact Offcom, the regulator.  As they are failing to adhere to peoples statutory rights.

Good luck!


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Re: Disconnect fees

Hi nubianprincess, 


Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting. 


The good news is, I was able to locate your account from your Forum details and can see that your request was handled by a member of our team and has already been corrected. 


I would suggest registering or signing into your Online Account to view any recent changes. 


If you still need us feel free to drop us a message