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Crazy charges!!

21 Apr 00:00Using the internet No10KB £2.00 


Just looking at my bill. 10kb for £ 2.00?? This is a day time robbery!! 

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Re: Crazy charges!!

With charges like that it kind of works like the following: if you access the data side outwith your allowance or when you have no allowance period, it would charge a flat fee for the entire day. O2 and other providers does this too. So it's not £2 for 10Kb, but £2 because you accessed the data network outwith your allowance and a charge was applied to give you 24 hours access to data.

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Re: Crazy charges!!

It's just the way Virgin charge for out of allowance data, each day you use data = £2 @day for unlimited data.
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Re: Crazy charges!!

say there were no charges because virgin would not allow any usage until your next period. someone may need to log into their bank account urgently or make an urgent skype call etc. people would be up in arms then. as it is though, virgin will continue to let you use the internet, but at a daily charge regardless of how much data you use. the only immediate solution is to look at increasing the data package.
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