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Contracts linked

Last year I moved to the UK and got a Sim card with Virgin Mobile. It was only 1GB with limited texts and minutes.

A month later, I decide I need a phone, so I got an Iphone 6S. (Keep in mind it was my first contract)

I specifically requested that they don't link my seperate sim contract with the phone. This was so that I can pay off the entire contract at some point and just pay for the phone.

Many months later, I phone the customer service to pay off my sim card so that I can go to Pay as You Go. They tell me that I have to pay off my phone as well. Now Im a student and this isnt what i agreed to.

How does someone like myself dispute this? And do I have an basis to dispute?
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Forum Team
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Re: Contracts linked

Hi SenseiSteven

Welcome to the community Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear about the issues with your tariff.

The SIM tariff and the handset loan are linked together, so while you can end the Pay Monthly tariff early, you would need to pay off the remainder of the handset loan to do this as you've been advised. It sounds like there was some confusion when you took the package out, so really sorry about that.

If the current Pay Monthly package isn't working for you, you would be able to change this up or down within the available plans to either save you some money or give you more allowances than you have now (whichever it is you need).

To do this, just log in to your Account Online and click on 'Plan and Device'.

Any changes you make to the tariff will apply from your next refresh date.

Many thanks

Mark Y
Forum Team

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