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Cancelling new phone order.

Since 23 Feb 2016 when my new phone was planned to be delivered by Yodel, I have had nothing but trouble with Virgin and Yodel. The delivery did not take place. I received a text on the day from Yodel saying they were sorry they had missed me. But, they had not called and they did not leave a card. I contacted Virgin and Yodel and they both said they would redeliver a couple of days later. That didn't happen either. They then said that the package (new phone) had not arrived back at the depot on the delivery van. (Why not? Stolen?)

In the meantime, Yodel sent me two texts saying that the package had gone missing and that the query was 'closed'.

Virgin said that they had organised Yodel to redeliver on Saturday 5th March. That didn't happen either, and the promise had been said despite the above. Every time I speak to someone at Virgin, they tell me a different story, promise to ring me back after making enquiries but they never do.

Today, I told 'Andy' at Virgin that I was cancelling the contract and the credit agreement for the new phone and that I would continue with the old SIM which had been been activated with a new bundle. I have now cancelled my direct debit for the new phone.

Virgin has not lived up to my previous expectations and they need to get themselves sorted in answering queries and following-through when there is clearly a problem. I'm very disappointed. I've been with Virgin for as long as I've had a mobile phone, which is a long time.


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Re: Cancelling new phone order.

Trust Review UK

Just got email saying that the 48 hrs to activate Contract Credit Agreement had expired, the unique security second email had been rejected. We are so glad for that, next time we will be reviewing providers before purchasing. Seriously not even rotten Ofcam and Ombudsman can save Virgin. The indians chat is a downright joke.

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