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Can't create Mobile Account, can't see bills

Just spent an extremely frustrating time on two separate phone calls to 789, the second of which ended with me being cut off completely. Thought I might have better luck with this forum, for answers, and partly to vent.

I'm already a Virgin Media customer, taking TV, landline & broadband, and can log into my account online to see bills etc.

After a couple of years away, I just returned to Virgin for my mobiles (2 sim cards). I bought them over the phone, as the website was useless (dead ends & loops when clicking to the next page, the classic hallmark of a site that's never been checked properly).

When I bought by phone I provided my email address, and received email confirmation, and today received notification of my first bill (which I'd like to see as it's more than I expected - possible it's for a month + a part month, so maybe no big deal).

My old Virgin Mobile login doesn't work anymore, but on 789 I was advised to create a new online mobile account. The process for that is just as poorly designed as the sales site. On creating a new account the user is asked to answer a security question... but there is no question to answer. After a call to 789 it seems the site wants the phone support password, which I provided.

Next step: "We haven't been able to verify the email address you used to log in. Please check your inbox for the verification email we sent you". But no emails have been delivered, and, yes, I've checked my spam folder, and other mail continues to arrive as normal. By the way, Virgin Mobile already know my email address perfectly well - you used it to confirm my order and notify me of my first bill. I clicked the 'resend email' link a couple of times, still nothing.

Another call to 789 and I'm informed that it's not possible for the call handler to mark my email address as verified, and the problem is that it's also not possible to have an online account with both Virgin Media and Virgin Mobile, that use the same email address. I find this hard to believe. (it was this call in which I was cut off mid-sentence).

So I go and create a throwaway Gmail address and use that to register with Virgin Mobile. Same again, the verification email doesn't arrive.

So, some feedback:

  • The Virgin Mobile sales site is disfunctional. Please can I suggest someone does some mystery shopping on there as a matter of urgency?
  • The Virgin Mobile online account creation process is also not fit for purpose. Please can I suggest that someone on the web team actually tries the new account process for themselves. Apart from the absurdity of a Virgin customer not being allowed to deal with both Mobile and Media without setting up a new email address, I also think that your Mobile site's email verification functionality is entirely broken. I'm currently waiting on 6 verification mails, 3 to my real email address, 3 to my burner Gmail address. Nothing received.

But my main point:
I'd like to be able to look at my bill as a matter of urgency please. How can I do it before my payment is taken?

Virgin Mobile's phone support is patchy at best, but it doesn't matter so much if the online stuff is stellar. But it's not. I'm beginning to regret my return to Virgin Mobile already, at least it's only a 30-day rolling contract...


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Re: Can't create Mobile Account, can't see bills

Hi sijones

I'm really sorry you've had some issues accessing your billing.

It's a few days since you posted, have you been able to get things sorted out now?

Many thanks

Mark Y
Forum Team

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