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Appauling Behaviour

Every time I phone up to discuss my account, I am waiting for the fight that will happen.

This fight I'm talking about happens because agents on the phone assume gender based on the voice of the person they are speaking to and not based on the information held on the account.

I am a transgender woman who uses the female pronouns and this has been explained to VM. There are notes on my account explaining this and saying to use the correct pronouns etc.

Regardless of this, I am frequently accused of not being who I say I am, even though I pass security. I have had agents hang up on me because of this.

I also have to continually explain and request that they not call me sir but instead call me miss or use my name. Many agents point blank refuse this with some hanging up.

Then there are he ones that just don't listen to me and don't read the notes. These are the ones that continue to call me sir, even when asked repeatedly not to etc.

There are sometimes I end up shouting and then of course I'm the one in the wrong.

This causes me a hell of a lot of upset and stress. And nothing is done about it. Nothing.

I am disgusted, I am hurt, I am upset.

I've had too many problems with the customer service of VM to ignore it.

But my issue is I don't want to leave VM because my package is very good and great value for money. I have been with VM for 18 years and I've never been this disgusted.

So I don't know what to do anymore
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Appauling Behaviour

Hi Dathne87

Welcome to the community Smiley Happy

I'm really sorry to hear about your experiences talking to the team.

I've popped you a PM so we can take a closer look into things for you (purple envelope) - please respond to the PM directly and we'll get you some help with this.

Many thanks

Mark Y
Forum Team

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