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Activating my new 4G SIM - confusion


virgin.jpgReceived my new 4G SIM today. With these instructions. I don't know if the SIM is activated or not yet. Nothing in the literature to tell me. Anyone know at what point I put the new SIM in? Do I send this READY text from my old SIM, await the message, then put the new one in? That's my guess but I'm not sure, and I don't want to render my phone completely useless as have some crucial stuff to be contactable about at the minute... Thanks for your help


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Re: Activating my new 4G SIM - confusion

Hi emfan,


you need to send the text READY to 789678 from your old phone & SIM.

You should then receive a text back saying the request has been successful.

Once you've done this, your old SIM will deactivate (become dead and no longer work).

Shortly after your new 4G SIM will become live on the Virgin network.

So once your old SIM is dead, pop your new SIM into your phone and periodically reboot it until you see that you have service.

Hopefully this may be within 10 minutes but occasionally activation can take upto 24 hours.


AlexKid :-)

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