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789 and 150 free phone numbers

Connecting to 789 and 150 free phone numbers + Account Charges

In early December I received a text message on my phone that my roaming facility had been discontinued . No reason was given So I don't know why ?  

I tied to call the 789 number but it appears this does not connect from abroad as you get the message in correct dialed number
So tried the free phone number 150 number which was also  proving problematic So I went on line to find another customer service number being +448717038689 on the 3rd December.
 As Virgin Media had disconnected the roaming facility I requested you should bear the cost of that call being 50 pounds I was told my account would be credited and I  requested confirmation of this by Email
Two days passed and received nothing So on the 5th December I called again on the 150 free phone number and was charged 55.pounds 20 pence for that call.
 You will appreciate I was not happy about this. So that same day I called again  and had repeated the whole sorry saga and again i was charged 120 pounds for that call
Later that day I called again and after 4 minuets the call dropped out as had happend again twice that day.
This problem was caused by Virgin Media disconnecting my roaming facility So I dont see why I have to bear the total cost of 229 pound for all these calls and ask you to credit my account with the full amount and advice by email accordingly.
Because of the problems with the free phone number and more costs  I requested a call back on my mobile phone I received a call from Denis supervisor who tells me only 80 Pounds would be refunded
I was not happy about the 80 pound refund so I phoned the supposedly 150 free phone number yet again on the 27th December as i wanted to put my concerns / complaint i writing by email and was given the following email  address
( ) This was wrong information as i got an automatic rely referring me to your web site.
So I phoned YET AGAIN and was told this email address was discontinued and was advised to right a letter which i was unable to do as I was in Gambia until the end of March no post only by DHL thus incurring more costs
So I emailed Virgin Media customer support but got no reply
Your will appreciate this has caused an awful lot of stress time and trouble Through no fault of mine all because Virgin Media removed my Roaming facility
So with reference to the above I require a refund or my account credited with said amounts
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Re: 789 and 150 free phone numbers

HI Snuggels,


Thanks for posting.


I'm really sorry to hear of the charges you've incurred. I want to get this all sorted for you. So I can do this, I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps. You can view this by clicking on the purple envelope on the top right.




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