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2 accounts!

I phoned up because i couldn't check my other mobile account online. I have 2 acounts, 1 number in 1 and 2 in the other(3 phones in total), registered to me. I pay these bills, and i receive the bills via 1 email address but i cant link all the 3 phones in my account because it has to be a separate email address for each account? I don't have another email address to use and i want to keep track of these phones as they are in my name and i pay the bill!! This is madness! I always used to be able to check them together so why can't i now? It has a link in my account that says 'check other accounts' but how can i if im not allowed to? I have been with Virgin for years now and i'm really disappointed about this. its ridiculous! 

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Re: 2 accounts!

Hi JoHeath,


since Virgin upgraded (their word for it) their system this is the way it is Smiley Sad

You need to use a different email address & password for each account.

As you don't already have a second email just create one with a provider ( gmail, hotmail e.t.c )

I had to do this myself & agree with you. It is ridiculous not being able to see all your accounts/numbers on one page.


AlexKid :-)

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