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when does MyBill Overview status update ?..

My first bill was due, I had a Direct Debit set up for 5th December however, due to Christmas month etc, I paid using the online e-billing service on the 22nd November.

The bill was the setup fee and two months (as you pay for one month in advance)

Today I got a letter saying my bill was overdue and I needed to pay straight away.

I could only get hold of someone via an online chatbox that popped up, couldn't find a number to call.

My Account says that the account payment date has now passed and is due however, under it, it says PAID ???

When I spoke to the person via chat, he said it was all sorted, wished me Merry Christmas and hung up the chatbox before I could ask other questions.

So please, my question is: If anyone knows..

When will the Overview section in MyBill be updated from Payment Overdue to Paid (or whatever it says)

Many Thanks


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Forum Team
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Re: when does MyBill Overview status update ?..

Hi Sean,


Thanks for your post and apologies for any confusion here Smiley Happy


When you have a direct debit setup, the payment will come out as planned even if you make a payment via quickpay. If the Direct Debit is successful, what happens is your account then goes in credit so you have less to pay on your next bill. 


If it's not successful, it get's put as not paid and we sent a payment reminder. 


As you've paid the bill there isn't anything to worry about. Your next payment will also need to be paid by card though as the direct debit would then be suspended. 


Going forward, if you want to pay via Direct Debit then leave the payment go through. If you wish to pay earlier then you can change your payment date. You can also pay a little bit online before hand but make sure you call us 5 days BEFORE your direct debit is due to come out so we can amend it. 


Hope that helps.


Forum Team

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