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Hi everyone,

Looking for some advice please. I am currently a VM customer and have been since Telecential/NTL days.

I am paying £77.47 per month for this package NO tv,Talk-anywhere 800 which gives me 800 free minutes anywhere and anytime,(quite handy as my wife used to call Trinidad and Tobago often but now her mum sadly died she no longer calls so much) plus 150mbps broadband.

My question...i do not want VM tv but want to downgrade my package to stand alone Broadband ONLY with no phone.VM say they cannot downgrade my package for some reason but would do a deal for a new customer.So i am thinking to cancel my contract (which i am out off) and start again as a new customer.VM say i cannot do that,quoted as saying "its a grey area"

I cannot see any reason why not,the VM advisor said they would "be anxious to get the Talkanywhere from me as they are loosing money from my package" All in all i think i have a decent package for the price BUT only now require Broadband only.

Has anybody any ideas how i can overcome this problem and what prices for Broadband only? By the way VM Talkanywhere is no longer offered to customers and is not avaliable so dont bother asking them for it.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: upgrade/downgrade?

that all sounds odd - a great deal depends who you are talking to - if offshore anything is possible they make it up as they go on - chat can be similar as they dont have all the deals available - you need to talk to retentions - dumping the landline may not be the cheapest option - a package BB and phone - even if you dont use it can be cheaper than BB only - you can also pay line rental saver which can reduce the bill further

so retentions - go through what you want and see how it works out - let them look at other combinations as it may work out cheaper - any change starts a new contract so be aware of that

dial 150 or 0345 454 1111 and follow the prompts to - you are thinking of leaving us - dont worry about that they do much more - open 'till 8pm - 6pm on saturdays - closed sunday and the plus is its a UK call centre

new customer deals are just that - you need to leave for 6 months i believe - but they should be able to match new customer deals BUT not the initial [6 month or whatever] discount


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