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poor service, impossible to complain via email


So we have had an issue with our cable in the garden, when it was installed it lasted around 18 seconds before all the cable clips came loose and the cable was left trailing on the ground.......this wasn’t too much of an issue, i know the good old cable clips aren’t the best to use as they are....

Our cable into the property has been damaged now, we have manged to get the WIFI working by feeding what’s left of the cable into the house our self, luckily it works. Problem is the TV is in a complete differing room and a good 30 foot away!

Yes the cable breaking was our fault and we are happy to pay for what is effectively a new install, this happened in November (14/12/16 today) but as we didn’t really miss the TV we only got round to logging the call and requesting an engineer the 2/12/16.

As continually explained the cable is broke outside and needs replacing from the box on the wall, Engineer (would be interested to know what the std qualifications are needed to be an installation 'engineer' at Virgin???) for 14/12/16.

To our surprise an engineer actually turns up, looks at the job and states he can only work 'internally on the property'......i explained in depth the cable was broke OUTSIDE!

"Sorry, not my fault, they should of booked a new install mate, someone will call you in 15 minutes".....9 hours later i call Virgin, on hold for 18 minutes....finally get through, "leave this with me, ill be 2 minutes".......22 minutes later a new person on the end of the phone asking what my problem is!!!

38 minutes on the phone all in L

Luckily Sam ID M762261 is actually helpful, has booked an 'Engineer' in for next week, earliest they could do....? Sam explains that Virgin Media do not have aby email addresses for complaints only a postal address...'Still stuck in the slow lane'. 'Guess what BB performs better', 'All our customers get extra as standard' about 'have a complaint post us a letter'!!!!???

Virgin really needs to up their game, lagging behind in 4K content, poor customer service and I just hope the new ‘engineer’ is comfortable working outside next week!


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: poor service, impossible to complain via email

Hi wayneold

Thank you for getting in touch with us about the broken cable.

I am sorry to hear that when you initially contacted us that this was not the best of experiences Smiley Sad

I appreciate this was booked in and the job attended on the 20th.

I hope that since that time that the services have been running well for you. On the back of the experience you had has I can also see that this visit was booked in free of charge too so no costs to yourself were incurred.

Please keep in touch if you need anything else and thanks too for joining us on the community. It's great to have you with us on the forums Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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