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new contract

Now starting to get really worried.Still waiting on my email the sales person promised me confirming the price of a new deal we took on thursday.Spent hours on the phone yesterday as we had no internet all day yesterday and all the people i spoke to seem to think my new deal is a different price everyone of them.From £61 to £24 Smiley Frustrated what is going on in this company.Even had the cheek to message me around 3 o,clock saying we have just upgraded your internet to 200 meg when we had 0 until 10 o,clock last night.To be fair the patronising person i was speaking to said i would be reinbursed for 87p so what is the problem.The problem was i was going crazy listening to a teenager on a saturday that was looking forward to playing his xbox all week and i had to tell him that i had signed up to this mayhem for another two years.(it happens regularly).

So the frustration continues until i actually see what he told me in writing,my tivo arrives tuesday they could tell me that and i have to phone to activate it but they cannot tell me what i have to pay monthly,i do not believe they will honour it as it was a really good deal and the guy was a little erratic on the phone to say the least.We are on a retention deal which i would never give up that lasts almost until the end of next year but we had got rid of the tv and thought why not if they are going to offer it at that price we wont go to sky but now have a sneaking feeling we have been conned as i suppose over the phone its our word against theirs alough VM say they record calls i have a funny feeling the will have forgotten that one.I hope iam wrong and if iam i will be back on here to apologise but the people on the end of the phone do not exactly fill me with confidence with those wild variations in price and the elusive email!!!

Sorry to ramble but iam so fed up with this. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: new contract

Hi louise-b

Thanks for joining us on the forums and welcome to the community.

For security reasons we are unable to discuss billing and packages on the forums and ask that you contact us via phone or Webchat

I hope you got this sorted before your install on the 20th you mentioned above.

I hope the installation went well for you and that you had a lovely Christmas.

Please keep in touch if you need anything else, we're here to help.

Forum Team

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