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moving home escalating misinformation

so i rang Virgin on Tuesday just to arrange a move around the corner, i ended up with a new package for the new home that included and although i stressed i would not need them two sim cards at a cost of £10 for both per month, i was told they were just part of the package and the price would be included in it as i repeatedly said i would not use them

Now i check my current account and my bill has gone up by exactly the £10 i did not need to pay. So what gives here with this false information in order for me to change my package.

My other problem is since you did this new package arrangement i cannot see what is included in it as you also gave me a new account number and from what i can tell i can only use my old one on line which just says it is terminating on the 24th 

i want explanations quickly and in plain English about both these matters i also want information of what is included in the new package as it seems i was misinformed about two for me useless sim cards i want to make sure everything else i stated must be in the package is or BT will get my business before i move in and my new account will be cancelled. 

Last of all stuck on the phone over an hour just to let you know i was moving home and the pressure selling from your operative was not a wonderful advert for your company.


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Re: moving home escalating misinformation

Hi Hold51

I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the House Move experience you have had with us so far.

I am sorry that it has not been a better journey for you.

With respect to the package and offer you have been signed up to, this can been looked into either via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat  who would be happy to look into this for you and would be able to clear the security needed for you to be able to get the support you need to get this looked at in detail with us. The teams should be able to resolve the concerns you have re the SIM cards and package options.

With respect to the account online, your old account number will synch with your online account whilst this is still connected. Once your old account closes, access to the previous My Virgin Media online account and access will be moved to your new online My Virgin Media account that connects to your new address account number.

Account numbers are connected to your home address, not you as a customer. The main part of our account number is address linked and the last 2 digits change when new customers move in.

Please let us know how you get on. If we can support you in any other way just give us a shout.

Forum Team

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