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extra payment

Hi there. I have contract for broadband from 03.11.2016 we set up direct debits but they didn't take money. 29.12.2016 we make payment from my account 112.64 but they still say that didn't receive money . Last week I pay 112.64 +37.25 new month from my Virgin account . So I paid double. What is Happened with my first payment 112.64? ?? I call customer services many times the didn't help me. I need advice . I can't find how to email them
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Re: extra payment

It should be on your VM account as credit, that credit would cover your next bill. If you sign in to My VM with your primary My VM account you should see it listed there as credit:

There is no email for customer services, but you can chat online with them through the Webchat. Access that page from a laptop or desktop, between 8AM to 8PM M-F and 9AM to 5PM Sa. Go with Account and Billing -> Understanding my Broadband, TV and Home phone bill -> Chat online. If all agents are busy, reload the page every 3 minutes and check again.

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