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constant calls on my mobile from 0800 183 6403

After receiving calls on my non virgin mobile number daily and sometimes several times a day from 0800 408 9340, a virgin media sales number, I was assured by someone at Virgin, that my number would be removed from the "list", however, for some unknown reason, as this is suppose to be a communications company, I was told it would take up to 6 WEEKS from that date, which it did, I continued to receive calls from the number until eventually, after around 6 weeks, the calls stopped. NOW, the calls have started again, but come form a different number 0800 183 6403. I actually answered it this time, A gentleman with a strong Indian accent tells me he is from virgin media and is he speaking to ( asks for me by name), I did not confirm that I am who he is looking for, I just asked what he wanted, and he asked me to confirm my post code, I hung up. Yet again, my mobile is NOT a virgin mobile number, although it used to be, I changed to Tesco mobile because of the utter incompetence of virgin mobile, and the disgraceful treatment I have had from virgin media cold calls in the past has had me contacting other suppliers with a view to terminating my contract with virgin media completely. Believe it or not the only thing keeping me with virgin, is the fact that BT want stupid money to install a phone line. But it's getting more tempting with every call I get from this number.

I will never give my details to anyone who calls me, especially someone from a foreign call centre.

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Re: constant calls on my mobile from 0800 183 6403

Hi brian5

Many thanks for getting in touch with us about the nuisance calls to you on your non Virgin Mobile number and my sincere apologies for the further inconvenience this has caused to you.

It should be an up to 6 week process so this needs to be escalated for you.

For me to take a look into this for you and escalate this further for you I'm going to drop a pm to you that you can find in the purple envelope on the forums and if you could get back in touch with me on this, that would be great Smiley Happy

Speak soon!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Forum Team

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