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changes to my package

Good evening,

We currently have virgin HD box downstairs, Tivo 500gb upstairs, and we are on the Big Kahuna bundle, paying around £90 a month.

I am interested in the new Tivo V6 box and I understand it is around £50 one-off fee.  However, I would like to move the Tivo 500GB downstairs, and put the new Tivo V6 in it's place upstairs.  I'm not concerned about the programs on the box, but I don't particularly want to be charged twice for tivo. Is that a possibilty? Can what I want be done with no extra cost other than the £50 for the box?

Finally, I see that you are offering a Limited Edition Full House Movies Bundle for less than i'm paying for my bundle, I must say I was a little disappointed with the outcome of a recent conversation about the price of my bill.  I appreciate that on your system I may well initially appear to be a new customer inside my 12 months, however, I have been with you since Cable&Wireless days, but having had to do a transfer of responsibilities (which cost me more) I have ended up on a new contract whilst being unable to take advantage of any new customer offer.

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Re: changes to my package

Hi BurningFeetMan.

Many thanks for popping by with your post about the changes to your package you are looking into Smiley Happy

With the V6 box you can take this in one room and have your TiVo® box in another room so swapping the current standard HD box instead for the V6 as mentioned. You can also have the V6 in the other room if you want to.

The V6 does need to be connected to the Hub via either:

  • Wireless
  • Hard wired via Ethernet
  • Via powerline adaptors

With respect to the costs to set this up the general costs for what you have mentioned are approximately £49.95 for the V6 box and a £14.99 activation fee.

There may be a slight difference to the monthly fee you pay too. To discuss this and the offers available to you if would be fab if you could get in touch with the teams via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat  where our teams can clear security with you and work to build the best package options they can for you Smiley Happy

Keep us posted on how this goes!




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Forum Team

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