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Wrongly Charged Cancellation Fee

My grandmother is being extorted a cancellation/early disconnection fee. She recently got the letter to say her bill would be increasing. It was one increase too many so called to cancel the TV portion of her account but keep the broadband and telephone. When she did try to cancel she was wrongly informed an early disconnection fee would be applied. The telephone agents she speaks to insist she pays this and won't budge. I've helped her get to the online chat which was also no help.

She has been with Virgin for many years and is still staying a Virgin customer with the broadband and telephone. She is only mid contract due to a small discount given to her earlier in the year on premium channels and was wasn't told by the agent it would tie her to a new 12 month contract. So there is a moral aspect to this as well as a customer service issue...

But the moral aspect doesn't matter because she actually has the right to cancel due to the mid-term price increase. She is 76 and the EDF is causing her some worry. I would really like this sorted internally by Virgin without the need to escalate it beyond the company. What is the suggested course of action here?

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Re: Wrongly Charged Cancellation Fee

The rules governing cancellation in these circumstances are set out by the regulator, & as far as I can see Virgin are abiding by them.

The ruling states that if the prices forming your contract increase, you are entitled to cancel that contract. The ruling does not allow you to pick & choose what parts of the contract you want to keep & which you want to discard, so if you do you are then open to cancellation charges.

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