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Will installation actually go ahead?

I moved into a new build property on 17th February and had Virgin all ready to be installed on Wednesday 22nd February having been told that Virgin was in the street and a site survey having been carried out at the property.  The installation team turned up and advised me that even though there are cables in my street for Virgin, there are no T boxes (?) in the footpath outside my house for the cable to be pulled through.  How was this not picked up when a site survey was carried out?  Surely that is what they are looking for??

The installation team said they would put in a works order for the construction team to carry out the necessary work and my installation date was pushed back to 20th May.

I have called customer services twice over the past few weeks to confirm that everything is still ok for my installation as, to date, there has still been no works carried out on the footpath outside my property.

The first phone call was over an hour long with me being bounced around 3 different departments and spending the majority of the time on hold. I was then informed that there was a site survey completed on 15th March and everything is good to go.  How can everything be good to go if the construction team has not completed any works outside my house and the situation remains exactly the same as last time when I was told the installation couldn’t go ahead??  I spoke to someone in the construction team who said that he would investigate and get someone to call me back.  I have not received a phone call back yet.

My second call was very similar, on hold for approx. 45 mins, only to be told the same (everything ok and installation going ahead on 20th May etc).  In fact, the customer services woman guaranteed me that the installation will definitely be able to take place.  This is despite the fact that no works have been carried out on the footpath outside my house and no one can tell me if there are indeed any works scheduled to be carried out before the 20th May.

Please can anyone help?? I have three teenagers who have been very patient so far in having no Wi-Fi, but they, like me, are coming very close to being at the end of their tethers!

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