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Why isnt there a complaints department.

Each time a random agent wants to begin the whole issue from the beginning each time. 

they then can only offer to email the case worker, normally in india, who has no direct line, so you can NEVER get back intouch with the person...

Why cant i email directly to the appointed agent concerned or their team to get an effective service..?

Such a poor way to deal with customers constantly paying more & more for buffering internet..

So you guys in the community knows....                 Theres been an ongoing intermittent fault in CF3 [cardiff.. a capital city..] .         Promises promises throughout 2015/16. Then the work gets done Dec16..                             £2 million quid on new infrastructure.   The problems still there, the engineers admit theres nothing they can now do..!!!  No one in virgin management will take responsibility.



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Forum Team
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Re: Why isnt there a complaints department.

Hi lakecity69, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear about the issues you are having with your connection Smiley Sad 


We regularly review our contact options to ensure our customers have the best experience as well as making sure they meet OFCOM / CISAS regulations. 


We did use to have an email option however it became so over run with general queries that could have been resolved with a simple phone call that customers with genuine complaints were waiting long periods of time. 


We did a complete overhaul and spent time training all our helpline agents to manage complaints. Now if you would like to make an official complaint, you can do this by speaking to the team on 150 / 0345 454 1111. 


In terms of the broadband fault, I've assigned this over to the broadband queue for one of our experts to take a look. They'll be able to check your network and advise you on how to make the most of your connection. 


If there is anything else we can do, let us know. 



Forum Team

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