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Why does the VM web site provide only upgrade options and no downgrade options?

I think my charges are extortionate, and that's partly because I have somehow got the maximum cable TV package, though I can't remember how that happened. Since a few years ago that package with our current broadband bandwidth has gone up in price by a huge amount. We use very few of the channels, and one of the channels I previously used often (Sky Arts 2) has been removed, without any corresponding refund.

When I go to the 'change my package' site, and click on the button it tells me that I have no upgrade options.

Why doesn't VM treat its customers seriously and make the downgrade options very clear?

There is one site that lists the different channels for different packages
but it is very badly squashed into a pdf file which is unreadable if printed. It should also be available in a multi-page single column format instead of only a single page multi-column highly squashed format. It is also very tedious to find out what you lose or gain by changing from one package to another.

Any competent programmer given the full table in a spread-sheet format, or something similar, should be able to generate separate files showing the differences between pairs of packages, and also how the subscription costs vary.


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Re: Why does the VM web site provide only upgrade options and no downgrade options?

Sky Arts 2 was discontinued by Sky. They did not reduce charges to their own satellite customers, nor to their wholesale customers like VM, & this is normal practice. Channels come & go on a regular basis, but the total number of channels year on year actually increases, so hence the prices follow suit.

If you are on a retentions or a legacy package you will have no upgrade options, as the web facilities can only deal with standard pricing upgrades.

I also think the current channel PDF needs improvement. Although I have to say the format that proceeded it was just as bad. if not worse.

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